This blog is nothing more than my artwork, tumblr themes, and a place to sort such.
If you have questions, would like to commission me, or are simply looking for one of the themes I've already put together, this is the place to look.

If the themes and post icons that I offer are not to your liking, please take a look at the following blogs:
xWndrlndx : OhneMitleid : Zen-themes
Sidebar and Searchbar Fixes

If you are having problems with the sidebar having a blue gradient beneath the options, or the searchbar at the top is in the default blue, the following fixes will correct the problem.


  • In Stylish, find the theme you are using and select ‘Edit’
  • Anywhere within the theme, insert the following code:
    .right_column:after { visibility: hidden !important; }


  • In Stylish, find the theme you are using and select ‘Edit’
  • Search for the phrase ‘#search_query’ and delete the entry this includes everything within the braces ({ … })
  • Anywhere within the theme, insert the following code:
    .search_form_row { background: rgba(0,0,0,0.3) !important; }
    .search_query_input_controls .search_query_btn { color: rgba(0,0,0,0.3) !important; }

After any changes made, save the theme and exit.

Post Permalink Fix

If the theme you appears to have an issue with the permalink hover (showing the wrong background color or default blue color when it bends the corner of the post), this will fix it.

  • In Stylish, find the theme you are using and select ‘Edit’
  • Search for ‘#content .post_permalink’ and replace the phrase with ‘.post_full .post_permalink:before’
  • Following the new phrase, delete all content within the braces ({ … })
  • With the previous content deleted, insert the following phrase ‘border-right: 16px solid #000000 !important;’
  • Search and find ‘.l-content’ and copy the html color code listed after ‘background:’ it will appear similar to this: #000000 - if this is missing, read below
  • Return to the phrase ‘.post_full .post_permalink:before’ and replace the ‘#000000’ html color code with the one copied from the ‘.l-content’
  • Save the theme and preview the changes

If, for some reason, this does not solve the problem for you, please let me know and I will revise this quick tutorial.

If the theme you are fixing uses an rgba() color for the .l-content, then you will need to replace both the .l-content and .post_permalink colors to an html color code for this fix to work.

Dashboard Theme Problems

As stated before, I no longer update my themes. This is because the sheer number of them is excrutiatingly difficult to keep up with on a regular basis. However, today’s update caused problems and if you enjoy using one of my deleted themes,I will explain how to fix it so that you can continue to use it without major errors.

  • In Stylish, find the theme you are using and select ‘Edit’
  • Search and find ‘#content’ and replace this phrase with ‘.l-content’
  • Search and find ‘#container .selection_nipple’ and delete ‘#container’ from the phrase
  • Save the theme

This should correct the issue as it occurs in all themes excluding the Simple Greyscale Tumblr Theme, which was already updated through Userstyles.

Since these themes are enjoyed, I will be providing another quick guide to fix problems that occur with them should these small things bother you. However it will be separate from this, which simply addresses the issue caused by today’s update.

Newest addition to RedBubble.
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Simple Greyscale Tumblr Theme
I know I said I wouldn&#8217;t be creating any new themes. However, this is the one I personally use. I will keep it up to date and eventually add new features to it that allow color change (mostly because I plan to abuse that feature myself). Changes not shown in the preview:
Fanmail posts are compact and unified
Font is justified Calibri
Buttons, background, and post icons are in dark greyscale
Custom Tumblr logo option
Works with x-kit Tweaks extension
DOWNLOAD PAGE *Requires Stylish installed on your browser*
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