This blog is nothing more than my artwork, tumblr themes, and a place to sort such.
If you have questions, would like to commission me, or are simply looking for one of the themes I've already put together, this is the place to look.

If the themes and post icons that I offer are not to your liking, please take a look at the following blogs:
xWndrlndx : OhneMitleid : Zen-themes
Newest addition to RedBubble.
Happy Birthday lovely <3

ty bb ~3~ <333

Simple Greyscale Tumblr Theme
I know I said I wouldn&#8217;t be creating any new themes. However, this is the one I personally use. I will keep it up to date and eventually add new features to it that allow color change (mostly because I plan to abuse that feature myself). Changes not shown in the preview:
Fanmail posts are compact and unified
Font is justified Calibri
Buttons, background, and post icons are in dark greyscale
Custom Tumblr logo option
Works with x-kit Tweaks extension
DOWNLOAD PAGE *Requires Stylish installed on your browser*
Thank you for telling us. I hope everything goes well for you ^.^

Thank you bb and you take care as well!

ok thank you for telling us. i hope your move goes well and your papers and projects

I thought it was only right to let everyone know. And thank you very much; if I can manage to keep my grades where they are, I can get my desired 4.0 this semester and transfer easily.

Important Announcement

Over the past year, I have been growing less and less enthusiastic towards my hobby of creating dashboard themes. This is due to two factors: 1) I am typically too busy with school, family, and other preferred hobbies, and 2) general reaction I face when unaware or late to update themes on a regular basis. Because my college and personal life is very important to me, and I do not like having to pull attention from them because Tumblr decided to change things on a whim and I will be subjected to scrutiny if I do not attend to updates quickly, I have chosen to stop updating and creating dashboard themes.

I apologize to anyone who is using them and enjoys them. I know that there are updates that need to be done right away, but there are 30+ themes I would need to go through, and I have a handful of papers and projects due in the next two weeks. Include in this the fact that I am making a large move to another city, there simply is no time for me to fix them. So with this, I say thank you to those that continued to support me, and goodbye to dashboard themes.

I realized that it&#8217;s been far too long since I have done any new pieces. So, in hopes that it will motivate me further, here is a WIP shot of one of my OCs, Rourke Lavash. Shading has started; my goal is to finish within the week, by the end of the month.